3M™ Knifeless Tapes

Knifeless tape technology is designed to cut graphic film without a knife, eliminating the risk of nicks or cuts from a blade on the vehicle or substrate. Knifeless tape combines a carrier tape for application and a visible, high strength filament to cut film. Film placed over the tape is cut by pulling the filament up through the film. A clean cut is made along the length of the applied tape.

No blade. No damage. No worry.

Precisely and efficiently cut through graphic film without a knife and without surface damage to create a clean line.

Finish Line - Turns easily in any direction to follow contours, curves and edges around the car.
Tri Line - Create pinstripes, gaps and butt seams that rival using a knife or plotter.
Bridge Line - Achieve clean and uniform cuts in wide gaps between doors, fenders and more.
Design Line - Create unique striping, accents and designs with sharp, clean edges.
Perf Line - Easily cut a uniform margin between window graphics and rubber moldings.

Code Description Add to Fav
3M75347286975 Finish Line 3.5mm x 50m roll
3M75347286983 Perf Line 6.4mm x 50m roll
3M75347286991 Bridge Line 12.7mm x 50m roll
3M75347287007 Design Line 3.5mm x 50m roll
3M75347287015 Tri Line 6mm x 50m roll